Mark started his marathon career as a member of the LA Road Runners, the official training program of the Los Angeles Marathon.  He found his passion in marathon running and never looked back.  Mark went on to become a senior pace leader, and is now the LA Road Runners Program Administrator & Head Coach.
Mark is a Boston qualifier, an Abbott World Marathon Majors finisher, an RRCA Endurance and USATF Certified Coach.  He is the LA Road Runners program administrator and head coach, where he oversees the largest marathon training program on the West Coast. He is a board member with the South Bay Runners Club and coaches both track and marathon training sessions.  His goal over the course of his running career has been to inspire other athletes.  This is what first brought him to coaching.

Mark believes training is forty percent physical and sixty percent mental.  It is his job to define the objective of his athletes, analyze their results and provide constructive feedback.  As a coach, Mark provides his athletes with his expertise by explaining the “why” with the goal of empowering his athletes to train optimally.  He tries to instill the power of belief, so when his runners are truly tested, they believe in their ability to accomplish their goal.  Mark believes this approach will sustain them in their darkest moments when they want to quit. The time and effort required to achieve such mental strength is immense but truly rewarding.  Steve Prefontaine said it the best, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

"Thank you coach Mark Minichiello for helping me get the Boston BQ ....couldn't have done it with out you." - Pam Lang