Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner runner looking for a BQ or a first-timer hoping to just finish the race, Believe in the Unstoppable You is your perfect 26-week training resource!  Using the philosophy that you need to run slow to run fast, it provides tips on ideal training zones for beginning to advanced runners, as well as training schedules, speed work training, VDOT training, cross training advice to build strength and endurance.  It covers a runner’s nutritional needs (beyond the cliché of carbo-loading), and has tips on injury prevention, race-week and race-day preparation, and post-marathon recovery.  The same principles for marathon training apply for a half-marathon training. Make a commitment to yourself with Believe in the Unstoppable You!
I just wanted to say a million thanks for all you do!  I probably wouldn't even be going for a BQ if it wasn't for you; not sure if you remember our first conversation, but I was planning on running with group 4 (3:55:00) when I originally joined LARR- until you looked me in the eyes and told me I had a shot at a BQ if I ran with group 2 instead.  And look where we are now!  Laura Young  - Los Angeles Marathon 2020 - Boston Qualifier 3:22:37