My manual discusses the major issues that every marathoner must cope with from the mental to physical challenges, stretching, injury prevention, hill training, nutrition, weight and performance, speed work, and training zones as well as tips & tricks and post marathon recovery.

My training manual will provide you with the essential training information to complete your 13.1 or 26.2 mile journey by explaining the “WHY” and “HOW TO”  train properly with the goal of empowering you and educating you to train optimally.  It includes a 13 or 26 week training schedule for the beginner, intermediate or advanced runner depending on your current level of ability.

There are many training philosophies that will get an athlete to the finish line of a full or half marathon, and there are certainly no shortages of training schedules available on the internet.  However, unlike most marathon books which I personally find difficult to follow and technically challenging to read, my training manual is designed in a simple format explaining the “WHY” and providing solutions.  

Once you read my training program and learn how to train properly you will step up to the starting line ready to run the marathon of your lifetime.

I applaud your commitment as you are about to embark on a wonderful journey!